9 Effective Ways to Boost Wisdom

Wisdom comes from experience and allows you to have the right insight or judgment to make better choices and decisions that help you meet your life’s goals and objectives. You can boost your wisdom by taking decisive action toward educating yourself about the world and about your own mind.

Travel More

There is nothing as useful as traveling the world to find out how small your frame of reference is about life. For many people who travel, they’re shocked at how much beautify there is in the world both in nature and in technology.


Study Different Cultures

When you study cultures, you can find out more about how people communicate. The more you know how people communicate, the more you can get your own message out to the world. Also, the more you realize how much we are alike, even while those differences seem to push us apart.

Read More

Even if you cannot physically travel and meet people in person from other cultures, you can read. Read historical books, read the stories about the people who founded civilization. Read National Geographic. Read more novels to boost your imagination and to get insight into human nature.

The Key to Manifesting A Good Life


One aspect of gaining wisdom is to be able to process your ideas and thoughts into action. One way to get to know yourself more and to explore your values is to meditate every day. Giving yourself that time just to be mindful of “now” can help spark your thoughts and help you develop more wisdom.

Learn New Things

People who are valued by society as a person of wisdom are generally lifelong learners who don’t ever stop learning. The more you can learn, even if it doesn’t seem important at the time, gives you more ways to see things and can change your perspective in ways you may not realize.


Challenge Your Thoughts

You may have thoughts that were developed in your mind by your surroundings, your upbringing, the culture, or society you were born into that you accept as the truth without question. Start questioning thoughts assumptions. Prove them to yourself with facts and research.

Thoughtful man

Make Mistakes

True wisdom is only gained through true experience and mostly through making mistakes. Only when you make a mistake can you learn by asking the right questions. What did I do wrong? How much is my fault? How much responsibility can be assigned elsewhere, and why? What did you hope was going to be the result, and why did it go wrong? What can you do differently next time?

Do It Without Technology

Sometimes doing things the “old” way can help you gain some insight that you didn’t think about. For example, most people use GPS to get from point A to point B today. But, learning how to read a roadmap and get there without GPS can be a great learning experience.

Experience More

Do more and experience more. Experience more relationships. Experience more types of work. Experience more books. Experience more traveling. Immerse yourself into all the skills that you really desire to gain more wisdom.

As you get to know yourself more, make more decisions (both bad and good ones), you’ll build your wisdom through time. It’s a process that is never finished. If you are focused on becoming a wise person, you’ll focus on building more experiences for yourself that allow you to make good choices based on your values and morals.

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