Angry Rant About The #1 Most-Annoying Question Ever

If there’s one question
guaranteed to rile me up
it’s this;

“I’m broke but really want to
do this – can I pay you from
the money I make?”


A question like this typifies
what’s wrong with the world
right now.

There’s a huge “entitlement
mentality” going on which
our forefathers would have
puked their guts up at.

Can you imagine the pioneers
of the Western world sitting
back on their tushes waiting
for riches to be handed to
them on a silver platter?

Or expecting big wins without
taking risk, putting in equity or
making an investment?

Of course not.

And yet in today’s “I want
everything now for free”
attitude there’s a sickening
trend towards expecting
big pay days without
putting any skin in the game.


I’ll spell this out for ya;

If you haven’t got some
funds to invest in growing
your online business then
you need to quit.

Go get a job. Or two.
Or three.

This isn’t the lottery.

This is growing a business.

And to do that you need money.

Even the newbie farmer has
to pay for the first seeds.

You can’t start something
with nothing.

And this isn’t about not having
confidence in a product;

“But surely Cheney – if this is
as good as you say it is then
you can’t lose. Just let me in
for free and I’ll pay you back
ten times over when it works.”

Get a grip.

I know people.

99% of people are lazy f***ers.

They do Jack.

So there’s no way on this earth
I’m gonna jeopardize my kids’
inheritance by giving my products
(or anyone else’s) away for free
just on the off chance someone
actually implements it all for once.

And here comes the kicker;

When you get something for
free you really don’t put your
all into it.

You’re not invested.

And it becomes as useful
as a chocolate teapot.

So it’s time to get real.

If you want to succeed online
you’re gonna have to man the
F up and invest some greenbacks
in getting the best methods, tools
and help to get you there.

Enter my buddies Richard & Jason
stage right.

They found a way to make
$50,197 in 3 days and now
they’re handing it to you on
a silver platter.

It works (I’ve witnessed it

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Shakeitha Patterson

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