Angry subscriber threatens me

I got this email today;

“Are you s****ing me? Â You
think I’m going to take the
time to listen to anything more
from you??   Find some respect
for other peoples’ time. I’m
gonna unsubscribe.”

Oh no…

Please don’t threaten me
with unsubscribing.

Ha. Ha.

I love polarizing my list and
getting rid of the junk before
it clogs up my support desk
with refund requests and abuse.

I’m not for everyone.

And that’s fine.

Yes – for some reason some
people don’t like it when I
talk the truth.

Like how you can go from
ground zero to making money
online in 60 minutes flat.

Some people will yell B.S.
at the top of their lungs and
unsubscribe from my list.

But the smart ones will check
this out, take action and make
big bucks.

Be one of the smart ones and
go here; Click Here

Shakeitha Lewis Patterson

(c) Copyright. All rights reserved.
Don’t even try to copy or swipe this
email because even my lawyers
have lawyers.

If you can’t stand the edutainment heat
and want to get out of my email kitchen
you can unsubscribe below. Farewell,
it’s been emotional.

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