Drumroll Please – “The A-Hole Of The Month Award” Goes To… Me, Apparently;

“You are an asshole! What kind
of communication are you using?
Watch your mouth!!! Listen man…
you do not know me so behave
polite to me!!! You could really go
and get some lesions about business
talk. With that kind of language
you will never get clients man! Tomaz”

Yep. It’s true.

If an asshole is someone who
says it like it is and calls a spade
a spade then I’m guilty as charged.

The amusing part is I used the
phrase “fatboy” which Tomaz
thought was bad-mouthed.

And then he retorted by calling
me an a-hole.

(And recommending I get
some “lesions about
business talk”).


Not from you though ey Tomaz?

We might have a recount on
our hands for this month’s award…

Know this:-

You should never change who
you are, how you think or
what you believe in just because
someone takes offence at it.

Especially when you know
you’re right.

Take Richard Legg & Jason Parker.

They were testing out a new
experiment which flew in the
face of so-called “popular wisdom”.

But they stuck to their guns,
remained on course and…

It made $50,197 in 3 days.

Here’s how;

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Shakeitha Patterson

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