Free Funnel Frenzy Promotion

FREE Funnel Frenzy Promo

FREE Funnel Frenzy Promo

Hello Everyone,

My name is Ron Pope, and I’m the President/CEO of The Conversion Pros.

I’m writing this to make an exciting announcement about a new type of promotion we have never done before.

As we continue to grow and evolve as a company we receive feedback from our clients as to what would help them

build their businesses quickly and what we could do to better serve their needs.

Well, this information has brought us to our new promotion.

We have had a large demand for a service where TCP does some of the work for our clients when setting up pages and funnels.

So we have decided to do exactly that!

We are going to run a promotion for one week and any new Members joining during that week,

we will build them a FREE funnel customized to their project or company!

Now you have to be a new Member to get the free funnel

and we define a new member as anyone that has not had an active account with TCP,

meaning no payment has been made on their account in 90 days or more prior to this promotion’s launch date.

We expect this to be our biggest promotions ever and if you are already one of our valued Members of TCP, no worries…

we have you covered!

You now have the opportunity to GIVE AWAY FREE FUNNELS to ANYONE that decides to join you in TCP.

THIS BONUS IS VALUED AT OVER $500+ and you can give it away for FREE!

We are giving you the fuel to throw on the fire to build yourself a huge monthly residual income!

You can give away unlimited number of FREE funnels this week,

resulting in your referral base exploding!

That’s why we are calling this the FREE Funnel Frenzy

because that’s exactly what we expect this to be…

a frenzy of people rushing in to get their place in line for a FREE funnel!


Free Funnel Frenzy

Whether you are someone new looking to join TCP or you are already a Member of TCP

and you can use this to build up your personal residual income stream with TCP,

either way, this is a HUGE WIN for you. Click Here

Be sure to blast your list right now,

post it on your social media accounts,

and tell everyone you know,

about this promotion TCP is doing to help business owners gain traction and get their business hitting the numbers they desire

all through passive online marketing!

And the greatest part about this…

TCP gives you the tools you need to get the word out!

So let me give you the details…

any New Member joining TCP between Oct 13 through Oct 20th at 11:59 pm PST will receive one (1) FREE Funnel built for them from TCP’s design team.

The funnel will be customized to the new Member’s specific business or project.

We do have a form that will populate in the back office of a new Member that they will need to fill out called the “FREE Funnel Frenzy Submission Form”,

which provides our design team with the information they will need to complete the funnel.

Funnels will be completed in the order in which the submission forms are received.

TCP does not guarantee a specific completion time for each individual funnel

as it is based on the number of submissions received during the promotion period

and the complexity of the funnel being designed.

There will be certain restrictions that apply to how custom we can go with the funnel,

but rest assured, all new Members will be extremely happy with their free funnels!

So if you are someone who has been on the fence about joining TCP

or you are already a Member of TCP and you want to start referring other Members,

now is the time to get started.  Click Here

We are here to help you any way we can.

We look forward to designing your new funnel and working with you for years to come.

Enjoy your upcoming success with TCP!

We are here to help you make your business goals a reality. Click Here

Have a great day!

Best Regards,

Ron Pope
The Conversion Pros, Inc.

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