IT Field Engineer Becoming An Internet Affiliate Marketer – How?

You Can Live The Dream

The following is just a little bit about me… I am yet still working as an IT Field Engineer, crazy but I love what I do…

I work in my virtual office means that I work from home. Which basically has its perks, really it has multiple perks of working from home…

Here is the scoop I am 44 years of age and I have been working most of my life, I have always wanted to work from home. I have tried countless business opportunities to find that I was spending way more money than I really had…

Funny thing is that I purchased every opportunity that I thought would change my life… I am still yet in the game of becoming a top Internet Affiliate Marketer… I say that with confidence (LOL) but I am really serious. I am not known on the internet space like some of the known gurus, but I am placing my mark.

IT Field Engineer Becoming An Internet Affiliate Marketer – How?

Being an IT Field Engineer as I stated I love doing the work, so why become an Internet Affiliate Marketer…? Well, I like the idea of working from home and generating an income that, I write my own paychecks, I make as much or as little as I want… I work when I want to, the most important is that I can do the work one time and get paid over and over again, depending on what I am marketing…

No get me wrong becoming and Internet Affiliate Marketer is no walk in the park. There are 5 things I tell people when they ask me what do you need to become an Internet Affiliate Marketer.

  1. Invest In Yourself
  2. Internet Access
  3. Computer/Smartphone
  4. Follow Instructions
  5. Consistency

That is something that I have always kept in mind for myself and the tools that are required for me to becoming a marketer.

Not just an Internet Affiliate Marketer also becoming an Entrepreneur!

Just being an Internet Affiliate Marketer is not all I am! I am an entrepreneur as well, yes I still work my job just like any average American. The difference is that when I became an internet affiliate marketer, I also became an entrepreneur.

Yes, my goal is to make money, but my ultimate goal is to help people such as myself who struggle with making money online… I always say that if I can help someone reach their goal then my goal is met. My success is determined by how many people that I can help become successful… I know most people would think that is crazy, but any level of success you have is based on other people believe it or not. Why! Because someone had to teach you from day 1 as entering in this world and throughout basically the entirety of your life, that is why I say that your success is based on other people…

Don’t Give Up Live Your Dream

I leave you with this last thing if you are wanting to become an Internet Affiliate Marketer and Entrepreneur and find yourself failing because you have not made any money. I encourage you to keep pushing toward your dreams and never give up… As the saying, “get rich or die trying” I don’t want you to die of course… It’s to say don’t give up live your dream!!!


Shakeitha Lewis Patterson



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IT Field Engineer becoming an Internet Affiliate Marketer
Live your dreams…


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