This psycho-troll whackjob just emailed me…

I just got an email I have to
share with you…

“Shakeitha – I can tell you almost
every trickery that these masterminds
use to control the currency.

I’m going to start exposing everything.

Those secret societies might
pay me to stay silent.

Do you think those billion-dollar
industries that control the internet
really give a damn?

I can hardly wait to start exposing
their schemes.

When I’m finished with them,
they might have to get together
and offer me 1 trillion dollars.

If you think that I’m fooling
around, stay in contact
with me. You might join my
affiliate program.” – A___ K___


Someone forgot to take
their pills today.

This guy might be a couple of
sandwiches short of a
picnic but he’s not alone in
believing there’s a big
conspiracy cover-up in
internet marketing.

Some people think it’s
all a shame and making
money online is impossible.

But the non-believers and
skeptics out there are about
to eat a super-sized portion
of McHumble Pie.

Because I know two marketers
who have documented their
60-minute money-making
process on camera.

Every step.

And when I say I “know” these
two marketers I mean KNOW.


I talk with these guys every day
on Skype, email and on my phone.

I’ve met with them in person.
Y’know, in the Real Wide World.

And yes. They are legit businessmen
who’ve been doing this for years.
And what they do works. I’ve
learned and earned a lot from their
methods myself.

And they were set the challenge of
going from “ground zero to money”
in 60-minutes.

60 Minute Reseller

They did it.

And they recorded the process
so you can copy it. Here it is; Click Here

Shakeitha Lewis Patterson

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email because even my lawyers
have lawyers.

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