Yikes – Daddy Daycare at Patterson HQ…

Well yesterday was fun.

I was away enjoying
myself at a spa day my husband
left with our two little minions.

Holly – 3 years old and prone
to teenage tantrums

James – 1 year old and prone
to falling in toilets, eating toilets
and throwing things in toilets.

He has a thing for toilets.

My husband work from home so he’s
no stranger to looking
after the mini-me’s but
when you’re on your own
it’s a whole new ball game.

They do a tag-team thing
on you where they both
meltdown at the same time,
they coincide bowel movements
and one’s screaming sets off
the other’s.

Ear plugs anyone?

And there’s only so much
Peppa Pig I can take on
the TV.

But I hung in there and managed
to last an entire 24 hours without
losing them or jumping off a


But I can’t take any of the credit.

Because beforehand I asked
for some tips, recommendations
and a plan from the expert (my
Missus) before the “ordeal” began.

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